Stile ruota BMW 124

Queste ruote BMW OEM sono equipaggiate con una BMW E60 serie 5. Il numero di stile BMW per questa ruota è in stile BMW 124. Questa è una ruota in alluminio con un diametro di 18 '' e una larghezza di 9 '' o 8 ". Questa ruota BMW ha 5 fori per le alett

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Pepe 2019-04-23 02:52
Had a set on my 2004 model 530, seem to have issues as the paint is too thick or they’ve been badly repaired, it peels off and chips. Also one of the rears has two weld repairs already, just about to be welded again, it seems the low profile run flat tyres are too stiff and potholes in UK are horrendous which leads to rim damage. I’ve fitted 16” rims with standard Michelin’s , see if the problem persists. The rears had an odd problem of eating the inside inch of tyre, had the tread area showing the steel belt, having stripped a 7mm strip of tyre , glad I wasn’t traveling at speed, although the tread on the tyre is still around 3.5mm